Certificate of conformity

Certificate of conformity is a document, issued in accordance with the technical regulations, standard regulations, and set of rules or terms of agreement (Federal Law “On technical regulation”). The Certificate confirms the compliance of certificated production with the requirements of industrial safety and quality and it is the official document which is necessary to the commodities circulation on the Russian market.

There are ranges of products approved by the Russian government that are subject to the obligatory confirmation of compliance in certifications or declarations.

The obligatory certification or declaration of compliance to the Technical regulation requirements, the national standards (GOST R), is carried out depending on the type of production (in one of the Ranges) and the requirements of safety.

If the production is not included in any of the Ranges and a producer/provider needs the confirmation of the conformity to the safety requirements of other documents (safety rules and regulations, technical conditions and etc.), an extra certification is carried out.

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